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Visiting Us for Your Boar Hunting Adventure

Welcome to NZ HUNTING PRODUCTS BOAR HUNTING Adventures! We are located in the beautiful Top of the South Island of New Zealand, prime Boar Country. At our Accommodation in Appleby, Richmond, we offer a Hog Hunting experience; Hunting is Hunting and if we do not produce the opportunities for your kill then instead of a Full Day Charge you will become a “Non-Hunter” rate of $100.00 per day which covers food and lodging only. Our goal is to provide you with a trip that you enjoy and if your son or daughter comes the trip will have good memories to look back on.


To make arrangements FOR YOUR Hunt email us on [email protected] or call Mob: 022-096-9534



An accompaniment to your NZ HUNTING PRODUCTS BOAR HUNTING.

Rabbits & Opossum – Spot lighting during the evening or day time hunts for the Rabbit and Opossum population.


Goats are often encountered during hunts. Often the opportunity to take a good goat will have to be made very quickly.

As with most hunting, ‘opportunities not taken may be an opportunity lost’.

The other side of the coin is the very real chance of a specialised goat hunter coming face to face with the Stag, Deer or Boar of a lifetime.