Pig Hunting N.Z


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Shane Johnson

Feb 18, 2022

Pig Hunting

Pig hunting is a very popular activity around the country, most of us love a nice roast poaka. But a big part of the draw is the excitement of the hunt. Pig hunting will test your scouting, your fitness, your dogs and finally your rifle and knife skills. Be ready.

Pig hunters generally have a good safety record right up until a pig has been ‘bailed’ or caught by their dogs. Nearly all pig hunting fatalities occurred as a result of a hunter trying to reach their dogs. Elevated adrenaline and the urgency to reach their dogs / the pig seems to greatly increase the rate of injury, getting lost and fatality. There are times where pig hunters are taking additional risks that they normally wouldn’t consider doing, or may have managed differently in hindsight.

A key learning from our research is that pig hunters should be particularly aware of their emotional response and adrenaline levels when they catch a pig. It’s wise to remember that the ‘bailed pig’ scenario is a high octane, high-risk arena often in close quarters. Be careful of your knife technique. We also see a lot of injuries from both the pig as well as the dogs, everyone is keyed up! Any endeavour to calmly make logical level-headed decisions is likely to dramatically reduce the likelihood of a serious incident.