About us

At Hunting Products, we recognize the importance of Quality Hunting Gear that can stand up to New Zealand's amazing and dynamic environment, in nature and the elements that come with it.

Whether on a Hunting trip, Camping or at Work, we have the BEST and Affordable Gear and Equipment  that you will need and to have Hunting Products support you in our Beautiful  Aotearoa and its environment.

Our Mission is to maximize your experience in the elements. We at Hunting Products set out to achieve this by providing you with the Best Gear that is possible for Safety, Security and your well-being.


For we are always in the Hunt for innovative and new ways to offer cutting edge Garments, Great Products and Affordable Products. 

If Hunting is your Blood and DNA, then Hunting, Fishing, Camping or Family holidays with the Kids, Friends, Workmates or Colleagues, is all about commitment, great mates and great memories.

At Hunting Products we are proud to be there to support those Incredible Experiences and Memories you will create and adventures you will have.

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