Bushman Dog Box

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Bushmans Dog Box

This box has everything you need and nothing you don't.
Floor and divider wall are easily removable and made of ply.


Weight: 23kgs
Size: 1200mm long x 600mm high x 600mm deep.

Dog Boxes can be made to fit a range of Utes, including 3 Bay or 2 Bay Wellside Box's or Square Style to fit between the Wheel Arches or Flat Deck Style Dog Box's which will cover most of the Ute's back Deck.

Storage area can be made to fit the boxes or any other size you require.


Measurements from...
-Top of Well Side from Inside Left to Inside Right...
-The height from Flooring to top of Well Side, if you have Tuf-Deck then measure from top of the Tuf-Deck Flooring to top of Well Side.
-From Top of Wellside to the height of the back window.

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