HELISERVICES NZ operates a large fleet of helicopters based in 7 locations throughout the South Island.

We pride ourselves upon delivering a high-quality service that is safe, cost efficient and tailored to the client's needs with a vast range of aircraft, staff and equipment to best meet the requirements. Safety is our main priority, and a strong safety culture is at the forefront of any service that we provide.

We are proud to be able to find solutions to satisfy the client’s needs and carry out the job in a safe and professional manner. We pride ourselves on delivering a cost-efficient resolution to many commercial operations throughout the South Island.

Piloting Experience:
We have vastly experienced pilots ranging up to approx. 20,000 hours total flying time. Our pilots are very experienced in both local operations and overseas including Antarctica, USA, Canada, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea. Our pilots have extensive long line experience and a very broad range of commercial skills with extensive knowledge of the areas we cover.

Commercial Experience:
We have worked with Amethyst Power Scheme project for over three years, as well as provided services to New Zealand Police repeater support, Diana Falls stabilisation project, local ski fields for maintenance and development, Kaikoura sluicing operation, GNS seismic datalogger programme, marine transfer, kiwi relocation programme, insurance recovery work and track gravel laying operations to name just a few. We also complete a huge number of various tasks for local government and government companies supporting remote field operations

Powerline operations:
Fault and annual surveying programme
Wire string operations
Pole lifting

Emergency Services:
Firefighting: we are equipped with monsoon buckets and are involved with firefighting, fire crew training and fire lighting for controlled burn offs
Search and rescue: we are a member of the local search and rescue group and are involved in all local searches.

*Prices fluctuate by season. Get in touch to find out more.