The imbalanced presentation of the science

The imbalanced presentation of the science

Independent research has gathered overwhelming evidence of harm to some native species from aerial 1080 operations, and there is considerable evidence of ecological disruption, as one would expect given the indiscriminate nature of the aerial 1080 programme.

19 different native bird species have had corpses test positive for 1080 after aerial 1080 operations.

There is no credible scientific evidence that mass poisoning the forest ecosystems with aerial 1080 is of net benefit to native species.

All the science studies on bird mortality in 1080 drop zones refer to the small sample size, the lack of a control, and the need for long term population monitoring. These concerns are completely absent in DoC summaries.

Clear alternative methods of pest control are available, but are not adequately promoted or explored whilst there remains a total reliance by DOC/AHB on aerial 1080 operations.

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