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Big Game Taxidermy New Zealand Ltd operates from a new purpose-built workshop premises in Kirwee near the Christchurch International Airport.

Andrew Holt is an experienced Taxidermist and he and his team are available to carry out all your taxidermy and expediting requirements using the latest technology and workroom methods.

They provide a friendly, efficient service and achieve a high-quality product at competitive rates ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Most of their staff are experienced hunters and have a hunter's appreciation of what animals look like in their natural state.

A mounted trophy provides a hunter with a tangible reminder of a special moment; one when everything came together to provide the opportunity to take a trophy worth preserving. 

It may not be a record-breaking animal, but it is the trophy of your magic moment. Andrew and his team can mount memory for you to hang in your living room or den as a one-off trophy or as part of your collection to be admired for years to come. They are in business to assist any hunter to obtain a lasting trophy worthy of his or her effort.

The company is MAF certified and a Registered Exporter to all countries including the European Union and are pleased to arrange delivery of trophies and expedited skins within New Zealand or overseas. 

They have provided service to clients from countries all over the world including Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Canada and the United States as well as many local hunters from New Zealand. See the testimonials for feedback from clients on the quality of work and hassle-free service.

Creating Perfect Memories

Big Game Taxidermy NZ operates under the belief that great taxidermy ultimately preserves the moment! 

That is what an expertly mounted trophy is all about, preserving the moment for your future enjoyment!

By always focusing on perfect form and function, this talented taxidermy team are wholeheartedly dedicated to creating memories. 

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