Red Deer Safari Genetics – NZ Hunting Products

Red Deer Safari Genetics – NZ Hunting Products

Deer Genetics is the world’s leading supplier of Red deer safari genetics.

 How we will achieve this restoration:

Weed control(of willow, pine, gorse, monkey musk and blackberry) will be implemented to help native species to establish and dominate the site and contribute to providing good quality habitat to our native fauna.

Restoration planting– We are planting eco-sourced indigenous species in areas where natural regeneration is compromised by competition with weeds.

Fencing to keep stock out of the area will reduce exposed earth and buffer run-off from forestry harvesting when this occurs, indirectly increasing our water quality in the surrounding catchments.


Extensive native plantings around our waterways have also been undertaken throughout our properties.
We want to ensure clean waterways, assist in regeneration of natural habitat and wildlife, provide browse along fence lines for our deer, and minimize the impact we have on our environment.


The value of record keeping & DNA profiling

We’ve been doing some stats on our trophy stags, they’re impressive:

You can see from the bar graph (below) that over the last 5 years we have managed to increase the average for our top 30 trophy stags by 80 inches.

A couple of points to note are during this period we have been selling the top 25 animals each year in our January 2 year sire stag sale and those animals are not in the equation.

Also, between 2012 and 2013 we changed from producing 6-year-old trophy stags to 5-year-old stags.


Our first visit to Red Deer Safari Genetics in 2006 inspired us to build up a trophy farm in Hungary.
“Advice from Don and Kelly about genetics, farm design, modern breeding technologies and deer handling helped us become one of the most professional farms operating in Europe”.

Dr. Bokor Árpád