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Reg Carr – NZ Hunting Products

Reg Carr – pig hunter, raconteur and observer of life both human and porcine. This is Reg’s fifth book, if you have read one before you know what to expect, if you haven’t, prepare to enjoy, as Reg takes you the reader along on some of his many hunting trips.

There’s more to Reg’s pig hunting than pigs, it’s the dogs, the people, places and the events that come together, not always the way they should, that create the backdrop for this book. Says Reg: “I’m remembering back to when it all happened and am trying to recapture the buzz it brings and the excitement we had at the time.

I get almost as much fun out of retelling the chase as I did when it happened, but feel this book will be my “swan-song,” or “pig snort,” if you like. Likely, it will be my last major effort so I sincerely hope that you will enjoy what’s written.

I know that when Sam and Kalvin read what happened they’ll realise I have made a mistake or two – not intentional believe me, but all put together the way my memory serves me and for the fun of it.”