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Canterbury Tahr Hunting Guide

John Royle your next hunting guide throughout Aotearoa.

I am an outfitter member of the ‘New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association’. As a paid-up outfitter member I hold a concession to legally operate as a hunting guide on Department of Conservation Lands. I have been guiding hunters since 2006. As a teenager, I started hunting professionally back in the early 1980’s working for the government culling both Red and Sika deer, goats wild pigs and feral cattle – working both the North and South Islands.

In the winter I hunted possums for their skins. It was a career I had for over 17 years. In my early culling days we worked in remote places for up to 5 weeks at a time camping in pairs but hunting alone each day, with only my trusty hunting dog Basil for company. The country we hunted was rough and our camps very basic, it took a special person to do this job for a long time. However, in spite of the hardships I feel I have been rewarded with countless memories of some very special back country places, something I try to share with my clients.

Towards the end of my culling career, I worked with Jason Diedrichs in the lower North Island. Jason went on to become a very good hunter and is a top bloke to work with despite the fact that he still forgets that I don’t take sugar in my BREW! He is now a helicopter pilot and the owner of  Amalgamated Helicopters.

Jason and I now work together on offering guided hunting trips for Red deer in the lower North Island.

*Prices fluctuate by season. Get in touch to find out more.