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Ohinerata Hunting

Ohinerata comprises 5000 acres of easily traversable farmland which includes nine hundred acres of private native forest bounding 10000 acres of Department Of Conservation reserve.

There is a comfortable back country hut situated near the back of the property that is 25 minutes by quad bike from the station homestead.

Ohinerata has a good population of wild Red deer which have never been behind wire.

Ohinerata Hunting caters for all age groups and levels of fitness.

From the enthusiastic “young gun” to those who have been up and down a few hills in their time and still wish to carry on with the quality hunting experience.

Ohinerata offers great opportunities to successfully secure a prime meat animal or have a crack at a trophy.

The wild Red deer on Ohinerata are typical of the Wairarapa “Warnham Court” strain which have long produced grand trophy heads and well conditioned animals.

Ohinerata offers many opportunities for the medium to long range rifleman and close in bush hunter.

Ohinerata station is a secluded and hidden gem that is part of the dramatic Wairarapa back country.

Ohinerata features lots of open country as well as clearings and bush edges for those early morning and evening hunts and lots of good open bush if you want to hunt the tall timber.

*Prices fluctuate by season. Get in touch to find out more.